Change book prices for a specific store and currency

When you publish your book, you can choose the “base price” and the currency. Once you set the base price, the Publish app automatically calculates the price for all currencies, applying an exchange rate calculated every month using data from the European Central Bank’s data.

You can also choose to have your prices automatically adapted to fit differences between the Wholesale and Agency business models.

In addition to this, once your base price is chosen, you can customize it for specific stores. This could be useful, for example, if you want to standardize prices in a specific currency (e.g. if converted to €4.82, you may want to make it €4.99). You might also want to have a promo for a specific area or adapt a price to a specific market.

By hovering over stores’ price models, you’ll see which countries the store supports for each currency.

All the currencies supported by each store can be seen and adapted if needed. For instance, Google Play supports dozens of currencies, and you can customize prices for each of them.Here is how are royalties are calculated based on the list price you choose.

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