Wholesale pricing

There are two pricing models used by bookstores: Agency and Wholesale. The difference is in who sets the street price.


Most stores use the Agency model (e.g. Apple iBooks), whereby the street price is defined by the author/publisher. Royalties are fixed at 60% (i.e. 30% for the store + 10% for StreetLib) of this pre-VAT price.


The author/publisher defines the list price (or suggested price), and will earn 40% royalties (or 60% on Google Play with some exceptions) of this price. However, the actual price at which the book is sold on the stores is chosen by the store itself.

Kobo Store uses the Agency model when you sell your eBooks within the European Economic Area (EEA). Consequently, all European customers will see the price you set through StreetLib Publish, and you will earn the 60% of this list price excluding VAT.

Outside the EEA, Kobo Store uses the Wholesale Model. 

Google Play always uses the Wholesale Model, and often sets the price lower than the list price. Due to its pricing policy, Amazon will follow.

Wholesale price adjustment

In order to avoid that and to keep your revenues constant, we created an "Increase Wholesale Prices" option in Publish. 
This will automatically adjust your cover price to ensure your royalties are always equivalent to 60% royalties of your original cover price. Here is how it works:

For all stores that use the wholesale model, StreetLib will increase the list price you enter (excl. VAT) by 40%. Your revenues for these stores will thus be based on this higher price, and therefore equal approximately 60% of the original price — as if the store used the agency model.



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