Manage images: add, edit, delete

Get the images on your computer

For a start, the pictures you want to include in your text have to be saved on your computer. If you are copying the text from a .doc or a .pdf, only the text will be added to StreetLib Write. You will have to add any images separately as distinct files.

How to save pictures from the original file:

- If your original file is a .doc: right click on the picture and pick "save picture as"

- If your original file is a .pdf: the pictures have to be exported. To do this:

  1. Open the file with Adobe Reader
  2. Select the picture with a left click (it becomes blue)
  3. Right click and select "save picture".
  4. The picture is copied into the clipboard
  5. Open a picture editor and paste the picture in the new file.
  6. Save the picture in the required format. In theory, no image quality is lost in the process.

Add the Image to StreetLib Write

Once your are images saved, you now need to insert them into StreetLib Write:

  • In the side navigation bar, click on the image button at the bottom;
  • Click "Add";
  • Locate and select the picture on your computer.

With the picture added to your images collection, you can easily add it anywhere in your text by simply dragging it into the editor.


 Edit the image

  • You can resize images externally on your computer from pretty much any image editor.
  • You can also resize it directly on StreetLib Write:

- Left click on the image to resize it manually



You can also add and edit a caption by clicking on the "Caption..." text.

- Right click on the image to change the  image settings
You'll be able to modify the size, margin, position, caption text and caption alignment. 
NB: Editing these settings only affects the image within the text, not the image uploaded to StreetLib Write and saved in the image collection.
Remember that in a reflowable eBook (ePub2, mobi), the text and images are fluid and adapt to the reader's device. Therefore, you cannot control the exact position of the image within the text; it may sometimes appear before a sentence or after, depending on screen format, font size, etc.

Delete an image

To remove an image from the text, you just need to use the backspace or delete key on your keyboard.

To delete it from your StreetLib Write image collection, just click on the "X" button next to the image when in the "images" tab of the left navigation bar. Hover your mouse over the information (i) button to see the image properties (file name, size, etc.).


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