Download your book

Once your book is completed, StreetLib Write allows you to download it in three different formats. Click on "Download", and choose the format you prefer (you'll be able to download your eBook as many times and in as many formats as you like).

Here are details about each format:

1- ePub: (in this case ePub2 reflowable): It's the standard eBook format, strongly suggested for publication as it will guarantee availability in all online stores, including Apple, Amazon and Kobo which don't accept publication in PDF. 
StreetLib Write generates already validated ePub files through standard ePubCheck and KindleGen validation systems. The ePub downloaded from StreetLib thus are ready for publication in due form, following features ensuring an optimal result on all reading devices and sale following requested guidelines from Amazon and Apple stores.
To read the ePub download from StreetLib on your computer, many programs can be used: Chrome's Readium, Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions...

2- mobi: It's the format owned by Amazon, which is compatible with Kindle devices and apps. The eBook sold on Amazon Kindle Store are all in this format.

One precision about mobi: When you publish your eBook from streetLib Write, it's published in ePub. The eBook is thus made available in all our partner bookstores, including Amazon, which generates automatically a mobi from the ePub file. As for other stores selling in mobi, StreetLib also generates automatically a mobi so that the eBook will ba available for sale in both ePub and mobi, and kindle owners will be free to buy the book in their preferred format in those other stores.

3) PDF: through StreetLib Write you can also download a PDF to use for the printed version of your book (find here our printing services). StreetLib Write allows you indeed to get a ready-for-print PDF file, and to choose format options for your printed book.
When you click on "Download", click on "PDF" to see the format options:


From there you'll be able to choose:
- The printing format, among those four: 115X190 mm, 150x210 mm (A5), 170x240 mm, 210x297 mm (A4);
- Margins (The value chosen will be applied to both top and bottom margins and sides margins.);
- To prints entirely in Black & White (if you inserted a manuscript with colors but prefer a PDF released in black and white);
- to include page numbers in the PDG generated;  
Selecting this option, you'll be able to choose where to start the page numbers and if they should be centered on the page bottom or alternated rx-lx (we advise a centered page number. Otherwise, please consider that, according to typographic standard, the odd-numbers have to be on the bottom-right of the page and even-numbers have to be on the bottom-left. StreetLib Write can't guarantee that the PDF will be generated as such so be sure to use to verify this before you give your approval for print, and maybe ask the person in charge of printing to add page numbers as indicated.

Once you defined these options, click on "download": here is your "PDF" ready for print!

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