How to create a reflowable eBook

To create a reflowable eBook, you can:

1- Import your manuscript into StreetLib Write. Your manuscript must be in .doc or .rtf, NOT in .pdf, otherwise you will create a FXL ebook. Check out our best practices for how to properly format your manuscript before importing it.

Watch the animation below (or our tutorial) to see how to import your manuscript:


After the document has finished uploading, you can preview the result and adjust it if necessary. Then hit confirm.

2- Start working from scratch on a blank canvas directly in StreetLib Write;

3- Cut and paste your content into the editor and create each chapter as you go along:



- Do not include the table of contents or the colophon in your imported or pasted text. They will be automatically created by Write.

- The reflowable epub created by Write is an Epub2. If your book is in Chinese or in Arabic, you need to create a reflowable Epub3, because Epub2 only supports western languages. In order to get a reflowable Epub3, simply select the correct language (Chinese or Arabic) on the 'Book Detail' page. This will automatically check the "USE EPUB3" box and your eBook will be in the right format when you download it:



As you will see, Write provides you with 3 different types of reflowable book:

  • Basic: for a simple book of text, that is neither a poetry nor a cook book. Remember that if your book is full of images and needs a fixed layout, you must create a Fixed Layout book and not a reflowable book.
  • Poetry: for a book of poems. Once created, you can choose how the poems are laid out at the bottom of the “Book Detail” page. If you want the poems to appear on separate pages (one poem on each page), choose “Stand alone”.


  • Cook book: for a recipe book. You’ll find appropriate spaces for the recipes’ images and text.




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