Upload multiple eBooks at once (batch upload)

Our Batch Upload feature makes it simple to add several eBooks to Publish at the same time. Please be aware that batch upload only works for books that already have an ISBN.
1) Check file formats
Make sure your books are in either ePub, Mobi or PDF format. Your book cover should be in JPG format (recommended size: 1875 x 2500 pixels). You can upload files from either your computer, a cloud service (e.g. Dropbox or box.com) or via an FTP.
2) Fill in the upload template
Our upload template allows you to easily add all your books' metadata at the same time. To download it, go to the Publish app and then Management > Batch Upload.
This Excel (.xls) file contains two worksheets.
The first one, titled "Data", is where you add the metadata.
The second one, titled "Columns description", explains what the columns in the "data" worksheet refer to.
It is very important that:
 - this file remains in .xls format
 - you complete all the mandatory fields (highlighted)
 - what you enter as the book and cover filename in the excel spreadsheet matches exactly the name of the files you upload (e.g. “Example.epub” and “Cover.jpg”).

3) Upload your files
Once you've completed the .xls file, it is time to upload everything.
Go to  Management > Batch Upload, select the publisher, click "Pick Files" and then locate your files from the appropriate source. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your files into this window.
You must add your files in the following order:
1) eBook
 2) Covers
 3) Template.
Once the upload is complete, you will be taken to the batch upload management page, where you will be able to view the results and the report.

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