How to use our Print service


“Print” offers options:

  • You can manage your stock independently by ordering author copies - sent to any address in Europe
  • Or you can sell your book on Amazon, StreetLib Stores,, LaFeltrinelli, Webster,, Libreria universitaria or other stores, as we add them
  • Note: The procedure is the same for both options
  • The processing cost is 49 Euro.


You will need:


When you have the files and the metadata, go to "PRINT your book" on your dashboard

  • Click on “New Book”
  • Fill in the form
  • Click on "Save Book”
    • Our system analyzes your files and data, and alerts you to anything that needs to be changed
    • When your book is ready, proceed. Your book will be available in stores according to the timing specified in this article, and you’ll be able to order copies within 48 hours


Note: If you don’t want your book distributed online, but want to print copies for yourself, let us know at as soon as you complete your Print order.


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