Paperback cover

Your cover has to follow these characteristics:

  1. It has to be a high resolution image: at least 1850x2500 pixels in 300 dpi.
  2. Written text on the cover must be at least 1.5cm away from margins
  3. the file needs 5mm bleeds on all sides.
  4. If you send the full cover (not just the front), the back cover must have an empty space of at least 4 cm from the bottom for us to add the ISBN and price of the book.

Here is an example of a cover: 


  • Outside the dotted lines are the bleeds, these will be cut out when printed and binded. They are 5mm on each side.
  • The red line (won't be printed) shows the 1.5cm margin on each side where no text is inserted so that it's not printed too close to borders or even cut.
  • On the back cover the double arrow shows the 3.5cm space left empty for StreetLb to add the ISBN and price.

This cover has been made with Write. If needed, you can only enclose the Front cover and we'll take care of the spine and back covers. In this case, we'll put the Title and author's name on the spine, except if your book is less than a hundred pages which doesn't allow enough space to put text on the spine. On the back cover, we'll put your synopsis, biography and author picture (if you want).


IMPORTANT: These are not customizable designs, if you have specific needs for your spine and back cover, please create the design on your side and insert the full cover on your Print form.
To be sure to prepare it optimally, please write to before validating your Print request, enclosing the PDF file of your book and we'll be able to tell you the exact size needed for your spine and the format of the open cover, which will allow you to build the correct complete cover.
You can alternatively use StreetLib Write which will automatically sort out these settings once you add the text, number of pages, book format needed etc.

You can also get the exact size of the  spine by following these calculations:
- B&W books with cream paper: No. pages x 0.0635 (mm)
- B&W books with white paper: No. pages x 0.0572 (mm)
- Color books: No. pages x 0.0596 (mm).



  • You can choose between a glossy and matte coating.
  • It is NOT possible to print a book with a HARD cover or a DUST JACKET.
  • The cover will always be printed in COLOR, even if the book is in black and white.
  • The price of the book will NOT be shown on the back cover: this is to streamline the publication process in the event the cover file is updated. Please remember, however, that a receipt showing the cover price will be included with each purchase, in accordance with the bill N. 2281-B, art. 2, paragraph 1 (Levi Law). 



If you already have an ISBN*, you can include it on the cover of your book along with a barcode. In this case, the barcode must:

  • be in a vector format
  • have longer bars to mark the beginning and the end
  • be 100% black inside a white box
  • be 2 inches x 1.2 inches large (50.8 mm x 30.48 mm).

Here is an example of a correct barcode:


*NB. If you don't have an ISBN, StreetLib can assign you one. We will add it and a barcode onto your cover for free.
Do you have an ISBN but don't know know to make a barcode? Just contact us at and we will do it for you.

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