Paperback book specifications


  • Title, subheading and author mentioned on cover, text and metadata must be the same as those provided in the Print form; if applicable, ensure punctuation marks are consistent
  • If applicable, the ISBN provide inside the pdf must be the same as that on the cover;
  • Fonts must be embedded in both files;
  • No crop marks, logs and color bars;
  • Files in the same format as that indicated on the Print form;


  • High resolution (at least 300 dpi);
  • Must not be blurred or contain illegible text (e.g. low-quality scans);
  • Must be within the margins;
  • For images on the edges must include 5 mm bleed on all sides;


  • Every text and graphical element (both front and back cover) must be at least 1.5 cm from the edge;
  • High resolution (at least 300dpi) and any full-page images must be at least 1850 x 2500 px;
  • 5 mm bleed the color as the cover, or if the background is made up of an image, it must "blur" into the bleed;
  • Correct spine calculation based on paper and print type:
    • B&W books with cream paper: No. pages x 0.0635 (mm)
    • B&W books white paper: No. pages x 0.0572 (mm)
    • Color books: No. pages x 0.0596 (mm)
  • No flaps
  • For books with less than 100 pages, don’t include text or images on the spine;
  • Enter your own ISBN barcode on the back cover or leave at least  5,5x4cm;
  • The barcode must be inside a white box of 5.08 mm x 3.05 mm;
  • The barcode must be a 100% black vector, and not a raster image. It must always have a white background and include start and stop bars.

Correct barcode:


Incorrect barcode:




  • Single page layout;
  • Always insert a title page;
  • Margins of at least 16 mm for books with less than 500 pages (otherwise 22 mm);
  • Consecutive numbering (no number skipped);
  • The table of contents, if present, must be correct with each entry corresponding to the correct page number;
  • The total page number must be a multiple of 8. And since a final page will be automatically added stating the month of printing, the total number of pages must be equal to 8x + 7. If this is not the case, you must add white pages to make up the rest (e.g. at the beginning, at the end or between chapters);
  • There cannot be more than two consecutive blank pages at the beginning or middle of the book, and no more than 10 at the end
  • Odd numbered pages must be on the right-hand side of the book;
  • No bleed (except for live images, following the same guidelines as the cover);
  • No references to printing, such as “This book was printed in X in June 2018”.
  • Minimum number of pages: 55. Maximum number of pages for white paper: 823. Maximum number of pages for cream paper: 735
  • The following formats are accepted:
    • A4 (210x297) - except for color books
    • A5 (148x210)
    • 115 x 190 mm (not recommended for books with over 300 pages)
    • 170 x 240 mm
    • 127 x 203 mm
    • 133 x 203 mm
    • 135 x 205 mm
    • 135 x 208 mm
    • 140 x 226mm
    • 152 x 228 mm
    • 210 x 273 mm - color only with photo paper
    • 210 x 210 mm (square) color only with photo paper


- For color printing, leave color pages in color only. Change the rest to grayscale.

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