How to pay with SureRemit vouchers

SureRemit is a blockchain-enabled platform for sending value anywhere in the world with almost-zero fee and without any financial intermediation.

On StreetLib Store you can purchase ebooks, audiobooks and pod-books with SureRemit vouchers. This means that people can buy books in crypto currencies (RMT), without using fiat currencies. And no need to worry about currency volatility because with the SureRemit vouchers you “fix” the worth of it to the relative FIAT amount you buy (so for example if today you buy 10€ value voucher with 2000RMT, that will be always worth 10€ even if the if RMT rate changes).

Here is how it works:




  • Every Voucher has a unique code and will be valid for 12 months.
  • When someone buys one or more digital books, audiobooks, or pod-books on the StreetLib Store, they can insert the “SureRemit Voucher code” during the checkout, and the StreetLib system will adjust the total amount according to how much the user has put into the voucher:


  • Confirm your order.

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