How to get promotional codes for your books

Do you want codes for promotional use, codes which select customers can use to download your book for free?

In the case of Apple, Kobo and Google Play, we can get them for you!

Simply contact us!

Write to and tell us:

  • the ISBN(s) of the book/books
  • how many codes you want for each title
  • and for which stores

As per Apple, you can ask for up to 250 codes for each book. Please note: The code will expire 4 weeks after you request it.

Kobo wants you to specify the period of time, such as March 15 to March 31, or April 1 to April 30, you want codes to be valid, and if you’d like to limit their use to specific countries.

Google allows you to send free copies of your book to “quality reviewers.” Just let us know the Google account address of the person you want to receive a free copy of your book, and we’ll take care of the rest. (And don’t forget that your “quality reviewers” must be located in one of the countries where books can be purchased on Google Play.)

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