Plan discounts for your eBooks

Here is how to plan discount campaigns for single or several books:

Please note the "x" sign on a campaign that is already active (we are past the start date), it'll cancel the campaign and your prices will get back to normal on the following day. However, you'll still see the campaign on the list.

If you click on the same "x" for a future campaign (the start date is in the future), it'll cancel the campaign completely and remove it from your dashboard. 



as you can see in the second part of the tutorial, you can set Discounts for several books at the same time using a batch upload. To do so, download the Excel template file:


and, before filling the template in, please ensure your file is correctly formatted or else it will not work:

  • ISBN column: choose the Number format. The ISBN number will thus start from the right margin of the column (and NOT from the left)
  • CAMPAIGN NAME column: choose the Text format, so the text starts from the left margin of the column
  • DISCOUNT'S START DATE and DISCOUNT'S END DATE columns: choose the Date format. The date will start from the right margin, and must be written as dd/mm/yyyy (NOT
  • DISCOUNTED PRICE (Tax included) column: choose the Number format. The price must use a comma as a decimal point, NOT a full stop. It should also have no currency e.g. just 6,99 — NOT 6.99 or €6,99 or 6,99 euro).
    If you are planning a discount sale on Amazon Kindle Store, please be aware that Amazon doesn't accept prices lower than €0,99/$0.99.

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